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User Preferences
  Once logged in, each time you "Download" from the Digital Contacts Wizard, your Filter By, Country and State selections are stored to your user account preferences. If you havn't created your account, you can register here, or login before you continue.
Filter by Country
  Now you have the abilty to Filter by County. With this option, you specifiy a U.S. State, and a list of selectable counties are available. Note: only those counties found in the DMR ID database are listed.
Filter by Callsign
  Now you have the abilty to Filter by Callsign. You first upload a .csv file of callsigns, your .csv file is processed and matched to available Callsigns/DMR ID.


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Customize Options:

There are currently 86,615 DMR-IDs available for download.

Using the latest firmware from the manufacturer the:
Tera TR-7400 is limited to 100,000 Digital Contacts.


Begin by choosing whether you want ALL the DMR ID records, or choose to filter either by {Country}, {State} (United States only), U.S. County (United States only) OR Callsign.

What DMR-IDs do you want to include?

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File must be a .csv formated file. See sample for details


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Advanced Options
Include [header]
Include {Country}
{Name} Format
Most radios require a header row.
This option is for advanced users only.

The {remarks} field usally is not field
displayed on a radio.

Include Full Name or First Name only.
This option is used for radio with limited
character display.

Include {country} field.
This option will decrease filesize.


Finalize and Download:

Confirm all your settings are correct and click the Download button to generate your custom CSV file.

Reminder: be aware of your radio's Digital Contacts limits.










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